Low Dose Accuracy in Neonatology

What is dose inaccuracy?

To understand the challenges of NICUs regarding drug administration with ENFitTM you need to know what dose inaccuracy is and where it comes from.

ENFit™ can lead to inaccurate dosage

As written in the ISO 80369-3, “Laboratory testing shows a mid-tolerance [ENFit™] connector pair in a female to male orientation displaces a mean average of 0.148ml (min 0.089ml and max 0.179ml with an n = 32) of fluid. “
This volume displacement is particularly unacceptable for oral medications administrated in low doses to neonatal patients.

Overdosing risk for ENFit, theoritical measurement and laboratory testing


A drawing-up device can’t eliminate the ENFit™ overdosing risk

If we assume the drawing-up protocol is correctly followed, the tension surface effect and/or the viscosity of the medication can still lead to a variation in the dose delivered (up to 0.148ml).
The volume displacement risk can’t be eliminated

Is ENFit adapted to neonates?

Neonates in NICUs have specific needs due to their situations.
From what we already saw is ENFit adapted to this patient population?