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Nutrisafe2 for neonates & newborns

Nutrisafe2 is a unique, safe enteral feeding system  that is incompatible with Luer and other small-bore connectors described within ISO 80369.

Compliant with ISO 80369-1, Nutrisafe2 mitigates the risk of misconnection (IV, respiratory, neuraxial…) increasing patient safety.

Nutrisafe2 is a lockable system providing additional security to avoid any accidental disconnections, ensuring all nutrients are delivered to the patient.

Nutrisafe2, a safe enteral feeding system compliant with ISO 80369-1

Specially designed for preterm infants, Nutrisafe2’s compact design  minimises the size, weight and dead space of the connection.

Thanks to its small size, Nutrisafe2 reduces dead space by 70% when compared to ENFit™/ISO 80369-3.

Nutrisafe2 is lightweight making it ideal for neonatal patients and reducing the risks of tube dislodgement or kinking.

Nutrisafe2, a small enteral feeding connector designed for neonates and newborns

Thanks to its compact design, Nutrisafe2 maximises dose accuracy, essential for the delivery of small volume drugs, such as morphine, digoxin, caffeine, methadone…

Nutrisafe2 reduces the overdosing risk by a factor of 4 when compared to ENFit™ or Low Dose Tip (LDT) connections.

*In ISO 80369-3:2016, the published results of laboratory testing show a 0.148ml volume displacement for ENFit™ (3) Numerical measurements with Solidworks software – January 2014 – Internal data (4) Study on the over-dosing risk of the « ENFit Low Dose Tip » syringe during its use, March 2018, Vygon & Andheo

See the video on the accuracy of Nutrisafe2

Nutrisafe2, an accurate enteral feeding connector

Created in 2005, the patented Nutrisafe2 connection was the first enteral feeding system completely incompatible with Luer devices and specifically designed for premature babies.

With more than 10 years of experience in the neonatal safe enteral feeding field, Vygon takes on board customer feedback to continually improve its Nutrisafe2 range for neonatal use :

  • >64,000,000 products sold per year
  • Customers from more than 30 countries
  • No reported misconnection
Nutrisafe2, more than 10 years of experience in safety enteral therapy

The French Society of Neonatology (SFN) warns French Neonatologists about the low dose inaccuracy risk of ENFit™ syringes and recommends the use of a dedicated safety enteral system for neonates.

In their newsletter, SFN recommends the following features for a neonatal safety enteral feeding system :


  • Incompatible with Luer and other small-bore connectors used in other applications (e.g. I.V)
  • Allowing components to connect without leakage or cracking


  • Having an internal dead space less than 0.1ml
  • Generating a volume displacement during connection less than 0.05ml

Size adapted to preterm infants

  • Incorporating the smallest possible connectors
  • Incorporating the lowest possible weight connectors

Download the original SFN newsletter (in French)

Download the summary of the SFN newsletter (in English)

The French Society of Neonatology (SFN) recommendations for a neonatal safe enteral feeding system

Vygon offers a large range of Nutrisafe2 products to enable hospitals to fulfil their protocols and  provide the best care for their babies. Nutrisafe 2, the neonatal safety enteral feeding system

Especially designed for neonates, newborns and premature infants, Nutrisafe2 is a unique safe enteral feeding system, compliant with ISO80369-1