Nutrifit®, an ENFit™ connection

Nutrifit® is a specific  safe enteral feeding system dedicated for enteral nutrition.

Nutrifit® is compliant with ISO 80369-3, the new ENFit ™ standard.

Nutrifit® is incompatible with Luer and other small-bore connectors, increasing patient safety from misconnections.

Nutrifit® is a lockable connection providing additional security and avoiding accidental disconnections.

Nutrifit® ensures all the nutrients reach your patient.

Nutrifit® is compliant with the new ISO 80396-3 “ENFit™” standard.

Thanks to this universal connection, Nutrifit® can be used  with any other ENFitTM system, regardless of supplier.

Vygon offers a full range of ENFitTM connector products in order to fulfill the needs of safe enteral feeding for all patients. 

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Nutrifit® feeding tubes are available in three materials:

  • PVC
  • Polyurethane
  • Silicone

The material is easily identifiable due to the color of the radiopaque line.  

Nutrifit® feeding tubes are available as:

  • Classic (without stylet)
  • With stylet
  • Weighted
  • With opened or closed tip

All Nutrifit® feeding tubes have numerical depth markings and the diameter written on the tube.

Transition periods are always complex for customers and Vygon is committed to helping hospitals and caregivers implement ENFitTM worldwide.

Vygon has created many adaptors in order to facilitate the transition period, allowing customers to connect their current connectors. The following poster makes this simple to follow:

For the past 20 years, Vygon has developed innovating products in order to prevent the risks of accidental deaths and injuries due to misconnections.

Thanks to Vygon’s Nutrisafe range, especially adapted to neonates and newborns, Vygon is the most experienced provider of safe enteral feeding systems.    

20-year experience of Vygon in the safe enteral feeding field